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Portnahaven is the quieter, and in our opinion, the more beautiful end of the Isle of Islay, situated at the southern end of the Rhinns. From the decking at the front of the property you can relax and enjoy the spectacular Atlantic sea views whist spotting the numerous seals, occasional dolphins and basking sharks.

Portnahaven boasts a small pub, An Tigh Seinnse,  a church with two front doors, one for the parishioners from Portnahaven and the other for those from the neighbouring Port Wemyss. Just a short walk is Port Wemyss with close up views of the lighthouse from the Fishermans Path. For further information on Portnahaven and Islay please see  and for ideas of what to see and do see our article. 48 Hours on Islay in 'Boundless' Magazine

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